Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dragon Picture Book Part II

It's the summer of the dragon in our house.  You can see part one of our dragon picture book roundup here.  Here is the 2nd batch of dragon books we are loving. 

Waking Dragons

 The bright and colorful illustrations captured L.T.'s attention. I thought it was very clever in how they went through a typical morning of getting ready for school but had the dragons getting ready.  L.T. liked that it wasn't a long story maybe a sentence or two per page which helped keep his attention.  

No Dragons For Tea  

This is an excellent book about fire safety explained in a way that children will understand.  A young girl invites a dragon over for tea.  While drinking tea the dragon sneezes fires which causes a fire in the little girl's house.  The girls springs into action and gets her and the dragon to safety.  She also doesn't let the dragon go back in to get his teddy bear. 

Dragon Stew  

Five bored Vikings go looking for a dragon to make dragon stew.  They learn a valuable lesson that you do not want to mess with a dragon.  L.T.connected to the  Viking with the red beard (redheads unite) so I think that made him really love this book and so that's why we read it several times in one week. 

 Do NOT Bring Your Dragon To The Library

I loved the diverse characters in the book from people of all different ethnicities to a child in a wheelchair.  It also was a great rhyming story in all the things a library has to offer and how a dragon should NOT be brought to the library.

One Drowsy Dragon   

A very tired dragon wants to go to sleep, but is kept up by the other dragons who are causing all sorts of havoc.  L.T liked the colorful pictures and counting the dragons.  

Dragons Love Tacos I & II

If you ask L.T. his favorite book ever it's Dragons Love Tacos I &II.  He giggles when I read it and just stares at the pictures and really gets engrossed in the book and imagining if he had a dragon taco party. 

The Knight and the Dragon

I love Tomie DePaola's illustration style and that the pictures tell the story without me even needing to read the book to L.T.  The bigger message of this book is that by working together they can achieve something great. 

Not Your Typical Dragon

I really enjoyed this book about a dragon who couldn't breathe fire and how not being typical helped save his family. 

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