Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dragon Book Roundup Part I

Dragons are the big focus in our house this summer and I can't believe how many dragon books are out there. This is going to be a two-part post since there are so many books we want to include. 

The Paper Bag Princess

So many people recommended this book and I can see why.  It's about a beautiful princess who is going to marry a prince named Ronald. One day a dragon burns down her castle and kidnaps Ronald.  This princess has no clothes and has to wear a paper bag as she tries to find the dragon and rescue her prince.   Princess Elizabeth tricks the dragon by tiring him out and making him lose his ability to breathe fire.  Then Princess Elizabeth goes to rescue Ronald who acts like a world class JERK!  He is all judging her because she is wearing a dirty old paper bag.  And Elizabeth is such a badass and is like. Ronald  your clothes are nice, but  your a bum.  The last line is "They didn't get married after all."  I love that Elizabeth was smart and took no nonsense and didn't settle for a JERK.

When A Dragon Moves In 

Such a great book for those with a good imagination. A little boy builds a sandcastle and a dragon moves in.  So many naughty things happen on the beach like the dragon eats his sister's peanut butter sandwich, kicks sand, nibbles the brownies and so much more.  Of course, no one in the boy's family sees the dragon and so they yell at the little boy.  Finally, the dad says the dragon has to go and the little boy agree....until he builds a perfect sandcastle the next day. 

Puff the Magic Dragon

It's a cute little board book with lovely illustrations that L.T. really enjoyed, but as far as a story there isn't much besides the words to the song.   

Have You Seen My Dragon?

I loved the black and white illustrations with a pop of color on each page. L.T. loved looking for the dragon on each page. I really liked how each page had something for him to count. It reinforced L.T. counting to 20 and he didn't even realize he was doing work. Total win in my book. 


A little dragon does not want to go to bed and wants to hear the bedtime story again and again.  The little dragon gets angry when the parent falls asleep and they can't hear the story again.  When a dragon gets angry they breathe fire and the little dragon burns a hole right thru the pages of the book.  L.T. loved the burnt pages and the hole in the back of the book.  

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg  

This story is sweet and shows how being different than others can be a good thing. I also thought it showed adoption in a positive light. The story is about a dragon who sees all her other dragon friends with eggs and so badly wants her own egg. One day she finds an egg all by itself and this egg needs a mommy.   The dragon cares for the egg and loves the little penguin that comes out of it. The penguin is so very different from the dragons. She can't fly and doesn't have a long neck. Instead, she is small and has feathers, but those feathers help her save all the dragons in the end.  

Dear Dragon  

I have become such a big fan of Josh Funk's writing.  This book is about two pen pals (one's a dragon and one's a human boy) who write each other letters and have no idea that the other is of a different species. It's silly and funny and has such a great message that you shouldn't judge people or dragons without getting to know them. 

Me and My Dragon  

Another fun imaginative book of things a little boy would do with his dragon. It reminded me a bit of When A Dragon Moves In.  

What dragon books do your kiddos love?

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