Friday, June 29, 2018

Viking Picture Book Roundup

When I was looking for possible books to read on Vikings I really couldn't find a comprehensive list.  So I did some research and found only a handful of  Viking picture books and we didn't even like all the ones we read.  Here are just a few Viking Books we would recommend.

You Wouldn't Want To Be A Viking Explorer 

C Bear learned about Vikings in his school this year so we have been reading a lot of chapter books set in Viking times. This picture book is informative and gives you a good insight into what it would be like to live as a Viking Explorer. Some info was more engaging than others.  They were totally fascinated with the burial of a Viking leader. Their favorite thing on every page was the Handy Hints.  Those really cracked them up. 

Hack and Whack

This is by far our favorite book.  I think L.T., who is a redhead really identified with these naughty little redheaded Viking siblings.  Hack and Whack are running away from their mother at bedtime and cause all sorts of trouble as they try to get away. There are just a few words on each page and they pretty much repeat page to page. So the pictures really tell the story of what trouble Hack and Whack are causing. We have taken this out of the library multiple times so it's probably time to invest in our own copy. 

The Littlest Viking 

Sven is the littlest Viking who learns how to tell tales that everyone loves to stop and listen to. One day everyone is busy waiting for the arrival of someone special and they don't have time to listen to Sven's tales. The special person is a baby warrior princess who cried a lot and can't be comforted by all the Viking tricks like a ride in a Viking Ship or music from a sklad.  The only thing that calms this Viking warrior princess down is Sven's storytelling. Sven no longer holds the title of littlest Viking, but that doesn't matter because he now has an awesome warrior princess to play with.  A sweet book about getting a new sibling.  

How To Be A Viking

Hiccup the Viking isn't your typical Viking boy. He is scared of everything from spiders to loud noises and he was especially scared of going to sea for the first time.  To make matters worse Stoick the Vast (Hiccups father) was the toughest Viking out there and didn't understand how Hiccup could be scared of going to sea. Hiccup visited his grandfather Old Wrinkly (L.T. got a kick out of his name) to ask him if Vikings ever get frightened? Old Wrinkly explains that the sea is full of trials and terrors, but also of marvels and miracles. Hiccup experiences those trials (seasick, bad weather) and some marvels ( sees amazing dolphins and fish).  In the end, Hiccup enjoyed his time at sea and learned a valuable lesson that I think any child can relate to. It's easy to fear the unknown and it's okay to be frightened, but learning how to get over it is what makes them brave.  

Do you have any books with a Viking setting that you would add to this list?

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