Monday, June 4, 2018

The Adventures Of Thor The Thunder God

We are a little Marvel obsessed in our house.  Like we watched the trailers for Avengers Infinity War hundreds of times and saw the movie opening weekend kind of obsessed.  Knowing my son's love of Thor and Loki I plan on sneaking in a whole lot of books about Nordic Myths and Vikings into his bookcase.  We have a whole theme going on for our Mommy School this summer.

 Are you wondering what Mommy School is?  I swear I am not one of those mom's that makes her kids do homework the entire summer, but I also don't want him playing video games for 10 hours a day.  So we invented Mommy School.  Basically, it's 2-3 times a week for two to three hours where we do crafts, watch movies, go on adventures based on our theme. This summer the things he wants to learn about are Nordic Myths (Loki and Thor) and King Arthur and Merlin.

C Bear has less than a month of school, but I was able to get this book out of the library and so we read it before the official start of Mommy School.

I liked that each chapter was a short tale about Thor and sometimes his mischievous brother Loki. We basically read a chapter a night.  Some tales were more engaging than others with Stolen Thunder being our favorite tale.  In this tale, Trym steals Thor's hammer and will only give it back if he can marry Freya, who of course refuses.  Loki suggests that Thor dress up as Freya in a wedding dress and trick Trym into marrying him which will get his hammer back.  The next picture shows the illustration of Thor as a bride.  Let's just say it got a lot of giggles.

C Bear was disappointed that the illustrations didn't look like Thor and Loki from the Marvel movies, but I actually liked these illustrations and appreciated this wasn't a Marvel book, but a book with Nordic Myths and they should look different.

I struggled reading some of the names of the Gods and places in the book as did my son.  If you do read this book there is a glossary and pronunciation guide at the end of the book.  Super helpful....after the fact.

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