Friday, June 15, 2018

My Weird School Fast Facts Sports

I had bought C. Bear  a few Dan Gutman, My Weird School books when he was in 2nd grade, but he just wasn't into them.  Maybe he didn't get the humor because he didn't think they were funny AT ALL.  I volunteer in C. Bear's school library and the My Weird School books are a huge hit with the 2nd and 3rd graders. So I thought it was strange that he didn't like them, but he has specific tastes and then I forgot about this series altogether.

Fast forward a year and he LOVES the My Weird School series. Like he belly laughs when he reads them. This led us to find the My Weird School Fast Facts books.  The sports one is the third in our collection.

The book is narrated by Arlo and a girl that really annoys him named Andrea.  They have some serious banter and they throw in some seriously interesting facts to learn. The more random the fact the more C. Bear loves it.

So what sort of interesting facts have we learned?  Here are just a few of our favorites.

*  Finland has a sport called wife carrying. The author suggests watching YouTube videos of it and they do exist and it's amusing. Basically, the husband carries his wife on his back while completing an obstacle course.

* Snail racing is another random sport that is popular in England.   It's a weird fact and of course the weirder the facts the more we love them.

* Did you know that the tallest player in NBA history was 7 feet 7 inches?  Well, now you do.

Do your kiddos like the Dan Gutman books?

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