Wednesday, June 27, 2018

High Season

I read the High Season by Judy Blundell in two days.  The book takes place in the North Fork of Long Island ( a place I'm familiar with)  where the town has been able to retain its charm and farm stands, unlike the nearby Hamptons which are filled with the rich and famous.   

True story one time Husband and I were driving thru East Hampton and a man was crossing the street wearing a button down shirt with a sweater tied over his shoulders. I always thought that was just a rich person stereotype in a movie and then I saw it in real life.

Every summer Ruthie and her daughter Jem, move out of their beautiful house in North Fork and rent it for the summer. The money they make renting the house helps pay the mortgage and allows them to live in this idyllic village year round.

This particular summer the house is rented to Adeline, who is very rich and brings her obnoxious stereotypical l rich frat boy stepson with her.  Adeline ends up falling for Ruthie's ex-husband and Lucas a.ka. frat boy has a flirtatious relationship with Ruthie's daughter Jem. 

There are quite a few minor characters with storylines that all intersect and so it felt like there was a lot happening in the book.  Add in some money trouble, work issues, family issues and a love interest for Ruthie and this book was jam -packed with drama.

I felt like I couldn't put this book down because I wanted to see what happened next to Ruthie and that just shows how emotionally invested I was in the characters. 

What are some books you are looking forward to reading this summer?

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