Thursday, June 21, 2018

Black Panther The Junior Novel

I mentioned that we are big Marvel fans especially my 8-year-old son. We could not wait to go and see Black Panther in the movie theater and it did not disappoint. I ordered this Black Panther novel as a surprise from C. Bear's Scholastic Book Order.

 Can we just go off topic and say how much I love the monthly book order? Like I am more excited to go through the flyers then C.Bear and L.T.   I love Scholastic Books so much (not paid, I just love them) that I co-chair the book fair twice a year at my son's school.  And book fair weeks are like Christmas!!

 We read this book together and were impressed with how the first half of the book was exactly like the movie. Except that the movie was so good because of the actors that brought the characters to life and the amazing visuals.  The book falls kind of flat.

 I think some of the names of the characters could be a struggle for an 8-year-old to pronounce. He didn't have an issue because he knew their names from the movies, but I could see that being an issue if you were unfamiliar with the movie.

I think the biggest issue for C. Bear is that he would prefer to have a picture or two in each chapter. This book had 8 pages of pictures in the middle of the book, but C. Bear prefers them to be sprinkled throughout each chapter. He loses interest when it's just pages and pages of text.  Does anyone else's child want pictures in every chapter?  Any good book recommendations?

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